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Tim Lowe, the UK’s No #1 home-based business training expert.

“Discover How You Could Turn 50 into 5,849
... 100 into 11,698 ... 250 into 30,484 In The
Next Three To Six Months From One Recurring
Statistic That Happens Time and Again In

“You don’t have to watch it ... you don’t have to know ANYTHING about it ...
in fact you don’t even have to like the game ...


“By using a ridiculously simple ‘lazy-man’s’ method I was able to walk away from the Corporate Job I hated, aged thirty, to live life the way I wanted ...

Now, I’ve developed The 30 Minute UniTrader, an even easier strategy that YOU can use in your spare time to ‘pump out’ up to 224% TAX FREE PROFIT on ‘football trading’, EVERY WEEK, 40 out of 52 weekends a year!


And if you start today with just 50, by 26th August this year you could be ‘sitting pretty’ on over 4,000 ... and three months later earning a regular


My name’s Matt Fyles. You may or may not have heard of me already, but one thing’s for sure, when it comes to making ‘easy’ money, I know what I’m talking about ... and I can show you how to do it!

You see fundamentally I’m lazy ... which is why a few years ago I developed a truly ‘lazy man’s’ way to exploit a MASSIVE ONLINE INDUSTRY, that allowed me to walk away from the corporate job I hated, aged just thirty.

It was the best decision I ever made because ...

... that approach netted me over 120,000 in my first year ... completely TAX FREE, with virtually zero effort and hardly any financial risk!

Now I live in luxury, splitting my time between my prestigious apartment in Malta and my home in the UK and having cleared my debts I’m now enjoying a stress-free ‘semi-retired’ lifestyle of total relaxation.

It’s a wonderful feeling I can tell you, getting up when I feel like it, ‘working’ as and when (... or if) I want to and pretty much having the FREEDOM to spend my days in any way I choose.

Not bad eh, for someone who was stuck on the corporate treadmill just a few years earlier!

These days people pay me a small fortune to be shown my system and for me to ‘teach’ them what I know ... or as I like to put it, to teach them what has got to be the easiest way of making money on the planet!!

So why you may well ask, am I telling you this?

Well not to brag that’s for sure! I’m telling you this to PROVE that what I’m talking about really works and that everything I’m about to reveal in this letter is true.

You see I’d like to offer you something VERY SPECIAL that you may well be interested in ...

I’ve developed a wonderfully SIMPLE NEW STRATEGY that YOU can use to legally help yourself to REGULAR chunks of TAX FREE CASH in your spare time ... without giving up your ‘day job’ if you don’t want to!

Of course there’s something in it for me as you’d expect and I’ll tell you about that in a moment but first, rather than waste your time with one of those long winded sales letters, I’d like to get straight to the point.

How do you fancy making an extra 161 ... 232 ... or 488 ... 707 ... 1023+ PER WEEK from a recurring statistic that’s ‘triggered’ time and time again in FOOTBALL ...


Now, it’s totally irrelevant whether or not you know your ‘Ryan Giggs’ from your ‘David Beckam’, because I can show you how to make money from SOMETHING SPECIFIC that happens very early on in certain football matches, whether you know ANYTHING about the game at all!!

Now I’ll give you all the details in a moment but first I just want to make this absolutely clear...

This strategy in itself is not going to make you a millionaire ...

This is about pocketing REALISTIC returns that are TRULY achievable and not only that, but EASY to achieve as well!

Does that sound like a breath of fresh air?

You see, during my ‘semi-retirement’ countless individuals have come up to me and said things like ...

“Matt, I’m not greedy, I’d be happy with just a few hundred pounds extra a week”

“I don’t want to have to learn anything complicated to make money”

“Is it really possible to make decent profits without taking any major financial risk?”

“I just want something that REALLY works”

Which is why, one day I started thinking. Most of us would love to be rich but how many of us are REALLY prepared to put in what it takes to make it happen?

The truth is, not many!

The majority of people don’t want to work hard (... that’s me for a start!!!) but most would love to find an easy way to make enough cash each week to make their lives just that little bit easier.

And that’s why I developed The 30 Minute UniTrader...

I’ve taken the most ‘fool-proof’ element of my ‘lazy-man’s’ approach and fine tuned it into a GUARANTEED ‘cash-pumping’ mini-system!

In other words I’ve honed it to such a degree that EVEN THOSE WITH ONLY THE MOST BASIC COMPUTER SKILLS are quickly and easily GUARANTEED to ‘lock in’ regular TAX FREE profits from something so incredibly simple, without taking any major financial risk!

So, if an extra 161 ... 232 ... 488 ... 707 ... or even 1023+ per week, TAX FREE, will make a difference to your life, from something that can be done in your spare time, then read on because I promise you’re going to love what I’m about to offer you in this letter.

I’ve tested this and realistic returns of up to 224% on any money you put in, PER WEEK are up for grabs right now ...

I’m not kidding, this is the real deal ... starting with just, say, 50 and
re-investing your profits for a few weeks, YOU can quickly be making yourself a life-changing income!

There’s nothing better than ‘easy’ money and I’m absolutely convinced that this is the closest thing to ‘push-button’ profits you’ll ever come across.

Imagine this. For what effectively amounts to a few clicks of the mouse on your computer, you could increase your bank balance by 161 ... 232 ... 488 ... 707 ... or even 1023+ each weekend and then do that every week for let’s say, 40 weekends out of 52.

That’s in your pocket, cash, NO TAX to pay!!

How long do you think it would take to for the numbers to really add up? Well keep reading, I’ll show you in a minute, believe me, it doesn’t take long!

Fancy treating yourself to a luxury holiday WITHOUT resorting to your credit card ... or even worse getting yet another loan?

Why not take more than one holiday a year? And treat yourself to some fine dining and lavish evenings out while you’re there!

Maybe you’d treat your loved one to some fancy jewellery ... that always goes down well I can tell you!

Seriously, even in the beginning, an extra few hundred pounds a week, TAX FREE, still goes a long way these days.

It’s more than enough to cover the payments on that sporty little ‘convertible’ you’ve always wanted (...it’d be like having it for free!!) and it’s certainly enough to pay for many of ‘life’s little luxuries’ ... in CASH!

By the way, the reason I said 40 weekends a year is because this is when the system works at its peak but obviously football is being played somewhere in the world at anytime throughout the year.

It’s not just weekends either, evenings are good as well so you don’t even have to give up what you’re doing now if you don’t want to!

Nor do you need any special skills ...

If you know how to fill in a form on a webpage, then you already have the necessary ability to set this up (... it should take you about an hour) and if you do it at the right time, you could be making your first profits in as little as 30 minutes ... literally!!

My complete 30 Minute UniTrader System takes you through everything, step-by-simple step, right from the very beginning and shows you how to make extra cash quickly, easily and with virtually zero risk, and if you really take it seriously you can make a life-changing income, even if you’ve never done anything like it before ... I GUARANTEE IT!

Start with as little as 50 and turn it into over 5,849 within three to six months!

Of course, like everything, the more you put in at the beginning, the quicker the profits will add up but even starting small, with a potential weekly return of up to 224% on your money, 40 or more weeks a year, believe me The 30 Minute UniTrader can make sure that your financial worries become a thing of the past, no matter what your circumstances.

It’s a truly ‘lazy way’ of making stacks of cash in your spare time ... and a fantastic full time living if you want to!!

Oh, and by the way, did I mention, IT’S FUN as well?

Now just before I give you all the details, I just want you to know one thing ... I’m not doing this because I want to ‘give something back’ or any of that garbage!!

I’m sharing this with you for one very good reason ...

Because I can make some extra cash as well!

You see, I’m looking for people who will ‘test drive’ the The 30 Minute UniTrader system for themselves in order to prove how simple it really is to make reliable profits from the internet.

But what I’m really after is their endorsement which will help me market this amazingly simple money making method at a much higher price ...

Which is why for now, I’m publishing a small initial production run of The 30 Minute UniTrader at a price much lower than I eventually want to sell it for.

Naturally I’m expecting these to be snapped up, after all, once word gets around, about just how easy this is, everybody’s going to want to jump in on it.

But if you’d like to get involved at this early stage, this is the time to grab yourself a copy at the initial subsidised price because I WILL be selling it at its true value later on.

In return, all I’ll be asking is for you to send me a glowing testimonial once you see the profits pouring in to your own bank account.

Fair enough?

Okay, I’m sure you’re itching to know how The 30 Minute UniTrader works, so hold on to your hat and be prepared to be blown away!

I’m sure you’ve come across all kinds of opportunities lately offering systems to trade the sports markets, in fact they’re all over the place right now.

But while many of them are good and work well if the conditions are right, no single system is reliable from day to day, or profitable for long, especially when too many people are doing the same thing at the same time.

Take Arbitrage for example, you’ve heard of it right?

When too many people try it at the same time, the system just falls flat on its face - it simply doesn’t work!

However, remember the corporate job I walked away from a few years ago?

Well it just so happens that my particular work involved computers and boring statistics and I often used to wonder if these statistics could be used for my own gain (... especially when I was sitting there clock-watching or just whiling away the hours before I could leave!).

And it was during one of the many moments of sheer monotony when it struck me like a ton of bricks ... why not apply my boring knowledge to something exciting?

And what could be more exciting than making enough money to walk away from the boring job I hated and live the free and easy life I’d be craving for years?

Well to cut a long story short, after a lot of research, statistical analysis, trial and error, hard work and time, that’s exactly what I did!

I applied what I knew to some of the sports trading systems that I’d seen and knew instantly that I could improve them.

I took the best bits from several of the top systems (... even those that cost thousands of pounds), cut out the negatives where there was a risk of losing money and then I added my own unique touch based on years of statistical analysis!

The result was a system so powerful that it would ‘blow the rest out the water’!

And of course it’s this system that netted me a TAX FREE profit of 120,000 in the first year and has since enabled me to clear my debts, pay off my mortgage and given me the freedom and enough money to buy pretty much whatever I want.

But now I’ve just made it even simpler for you (... or anyone who’s new to this but wants to copy what I do) because with The 30 Minute UniTrader I’ve confined it to just one sport, and as I’ve already told you, that’s football!!!

So, here’s how it works ...

I’m sure you’re aware that the internet has made a massive difference to the gambling industry in the 21st century.

People who wouldn’t have dreamed of going to a bookmakers or betting shop in the past, are now only too happy to have a ‘little flutter’ on just about anything these days ...

Whether it’s having a punt on various sporting events that occur throughout the year, or chancing a little bet on whether it will snow on Christmas day ...

The point is that it’s just so easy to do online!

But this is where it becomes so exciting because there’s been a rapid rise in a new kind of online betting facility lately where people don’t bet against the house, but instead gamble against each other, the house taking its share by charging a tiny percentage of any winnings!

And here’s the critical bit ...

In football, the clear majority of ‘punters’ will only ever bet on the favourite to win!

And even if it does win, because the odds aren’t that good for the favourite team, the punters don’t win much compared to the amount that they stand to lose if the ‘other’ team win.

In other words, the overall majority of people will lose much more than they ever win (... incidentally, this is the reason why bookmakers make so much money)!!

Now you really don’t need to worry about the maths but here’s the thing ...

No one likes losing but we have to accept that it happens.

But because of the way my system works, as long as you stick to my precisely defined set of rules and criteria, the system will NEVER let you lose more than you win!!

By the way, my system has a winning strike rate of 80%, so it’s easy to see that ...


So, want to know why I choose football to develop this system?

Firstly, because it’s so popular.

At least 40 weeks of the year, there are plenty of UK matches that satisfy the required criteria to make the maths work (... and regardless of the prime UK season, football’s always being played somewhere in the world EVERY week of the year).

And secondly, again because of its popularity, unlike horse racing for example, there are countless punters who have absolutely no idea how the odds work when it comes to having a little ‘wager’ on the outcome of a match.

Because the majority bet on hunches, the favourite or simply back their own team, we always know there are plenty of people losing their hard earned cash (... remember the favourite doesn’t always win and even if it does, it doesn’t affect the way my system makes money)!!!

Which is great for us because, as long as we trade on the new kind of online facility that I told you about and use my precise set of rules and criteria (... which are ‘a piece of cake’ to follow) we can be the ones ‘relieving’ those punters of their money!

Of course some people might have a conscience about this but let’s get real here ...

... there’s nothing unethical or illegal about using a system to grab yourself hundreds of pounds of weekly TAX FREE profit from the majority of punters who were going to lose anyway and are just happy that they’ve had a little ‘flutter’!!

Now as I said, it makes absolutely no difference whether you’re interested in football or not because all we’re interested in is something specific that happens very early on during particular football matches that satisfy a certain criteria.

If the condition is satisfied, you run the system, if it’s not, just forget it - it’s that simple!

Incredible isn’t it? But with this one simple method, I’ve tested it and been able to pull in up to 224% weekly returns on my trades over and over again!

Don’t forget, with my system overall you cannot lose as long as you follow the trading rules when the required criteria is met - it’s so amazing that something so easy can consistently make so much profit!

Have you ever seen a poor casino owner?!!

I doubt it! But this is effectively what we’re doing here. Just as the wealthy casino owners do, we’re ‘creaming off’ small amounts from all the MANY losers out there, but on a much smaller scale. It’s just a brilliant concept!!!

There’s nothing complicated and the system really works ...

It even uses a ridiculously simple point and click process (... literally takes less than a minute) to establish which matches satisfy the criteria ...

You don’t even need to think!!!

Once you’ve made the selections based on the specified conditions, you just wait a short while and if an event is triggered you place a trade and if it isn’t you just forget it.

There’s none of this messing around waiting for the profit to come in either - when you’re ready, simply fire up The 30 Minute UniTrader and if the condition is met, you can be profiting within 30 minutes!!!

By the way, I should point out that you don’t even have to sit and watch the matches if you don’t want to.

I’ll be showing you how to set your computer or even your Blackberry or iPhone to ‘ping’ if the trading condition is met, so you can go away and enjoy whatever else you do with your time (... after all, who wants to sit in front of the TV all day?)!!

I told you it was simple!!!

All you have to do is repeat it, and watch the bank balance grow! It’s amazing that something so easy can be so devastatingly effective!

In fact there’s no reason why you can’t turn this into a substantial full time living if you wanted to.

My estimates are based on trading during evenings and weekends but there’s money to be made between 11.00 in the morning and midnight most days so with matches going on 13 hours a day there should be plenty of opportunities to cash in.

Ok let me give you some more details, in fact let me give you some examples of tax free profits you can expect when you run the system and I’ll illustrate it with real figures.

Let’s say you start with a trading bank of just 50 ...

Now, in order to account for the 20% of times when statistically you won’t make a profit, we NEVER trade with more than 20% of our bank, which means we start by only using 10 of it to trade with.

Well bearing in mind, that the system will never let you lose more than you win if you follow it properly ...

In just 3 months you could genuinely turn 50 into 5,849 if you follow the system to the letter!

After copying the simple steps of the The 30 Minute UniTrader programme (... and don’t forget it takes you right from the very beginning), you should be able to at least double your money every two weeks on average...

Starting with just 50, you can turn it into 100 ... 200 ... 400 and so on and it doesn’t take long for the numbers to add up to thousands of pounds!

Start with more and you make more, it’s that simple, then just REPEAT, REPEAT, REPEAT!!!

At up to 224% return on your money, this is what you could expect starting with a 50 bank (...obviously in reality the figures will vary a little bit from week to week but I do actually believe that these sorts of figures are REALISTICALLY achievable if you’re prepared to stick rigidly to the system).

Week Trading stake @ 20% of bank 224% Profit on stake Bank
0  50

(All figures are rounded down to the nearest whole pound)

But what if you had a 250 bank to begin with?

(... but remembering to be cautious and only ever stake 20% of our bank)

The figures will look like this ...

Week Trading stake @ 20% of bank 224% Profit on stake Bank
0  250

(All figures are rounded down to the nearest whole pound)


The more you stake, the more you earn, but the key is NOT to get greedy, in fact even if you only made half the return I’m suggesting is possible, it’d still be pretty good wouldn’t it?!!

This is NOT about gambling, this is a mathematical formula that works. Follow the simple rules and you WILL make money, I GUARANTEE IT!!

Of course this works best by ‘compounding’ all your winnings but even if you decide to take some out and treat yourself to a wonderful meal in a fine restaurant ... take that luxury holiday you’ve been promising yourself ... or simply pay off some outstanding debt ...

Let me just show you how quickly you can recoup the cash you take out. What if we take 5,357 and treat ourselves to that holiday we deserve after just 9 weeks?

Week Trading stake @ 20% of bank 224% Profit on stake Bank
0  250
WITHDRAW 5,3571,581

(All figures are rounded down to the nearest whole pound)

Hmmm, that puts our bank back down to 1,581 ... oh well, never mind, we’re back at Week 5 that’s all!

Can you see? It’s no big deal, we simply make up what we took out in the next four weeks!

I just love this kind of trading and I know you will too.

Make no mistake, The 30 Minute UniTrader is like nothing you’ll have ever seen or come across before.

In return for your testimonial you can grab one of the initial run of copies at an absolute rock–bottom price which is nothing compared to its MASSIVE life changing potential.

  • You’ll be getting access to the whole unique 30 Minute UniTrader programme that you can run in your spare time and still make staggering profits, time after time. Really, over time, 5,000 a month is realistically achievable if you take this seriously, with no risk to your own capital once you get going!
  • There’s NO huge upfront investment Yes, I GUARANTEE, with 50 stakes you’ll make, at the very MINIMUM, the cost of the programme back in a MAXIMIUM of two weeks (... although it should be much quicker than this!!). As soon as you do that, then the profits will just snowball!
  • You can do it at weekends, evenings or afternoons, in fact whenever it suits you there’s no need to give up what you’re doing now!!
  • You can enjoy a fabulous new lifestyle as the extra cash starts pouring in. Pay off your debts, clear your credit card bills or loans just as I did and then treat yourself to luxury holidays, fine dining and whatever other life’s little luxuries that take your fancy!
  • As long as you can get an internet connection you can make profits from a laptop computer or ‘smartphone’ from almost anywhere in the world, even when you’re away enjoying yourself or sunning yourself in some exotic location!
  • And although we’re trading and NOT gambling, in the eyes of the government it’s classed as betting so there’s NO tax to pay within the UK on your profits (... I love that bit, don’t you?)!!!

This is a perfect win:win!

I teach you how to make ‘easy’ money (... and GUARANTEE that you will at the very minimum make back the cost of the programme within two weeks so it won’t have even cost you a penny!) and you give me your endorsement so I can make some extra cash myself!

Don’t forget, you don’t have to enjoy football, but there’s something magical about making money from it, even if you don’t like or actually understand the game!

The excitement of logging on to your computer, following the system and finding that there are a number of matches that satisfy the criteria to make the maths work is so addictive! I still get a buzz out of it even now.

And there are always plenty of matches that do just this, throughout the year! You’re going to love it, I know I do!!

Remember I’ve simplified the whole system so that even if you have hardly any computer skills, then you can REALISTICALLY make up to 224% return on your money, week after week!

Imagine enjoying the lifestyle and security of an extra 161 ... 232 ... 488 ... 707 ... or even 1023+ coming in every week!

And that’s just at the beginning! Stick at it and the numbers really stack up!

At up to 224% weekly return on your money, within six months you could easily have a nice chunky sum to treat yourself, your family and those that you care about.

And then you can just keep repeating the process safe in the knowledge it will be unaffected by the financial climate, thanks to the amazing ‘NO LOSE’ failsafe built into the The 30 Minute UniTrader system!

Okay, so what exactly will you get if you secure your copy today at the subsidised price?

Well firstly I’m not going to insult you by offering you a pile of useless free bonuses. We all know those are just padding and filler.

No, what you’ll be getting is the important stuff, on two high quality DVDs.

There’s NO filler, NO fluff, just the step-by-step programme right from the very beginning ... from the basics of the initial set up process, all the way through to earning your first profits (... which genuinely can be had within 30 minutes if you set it up at the right time)!!

You’ll actually be watching over my shoulder as each step in this amazing formula is broken down into simple “do this, then do that” detail, so absolutely anybody can follow along.

It’s almost like me being in the room with you by your side, except it’s even more convenient because you can have me whenever you want me!!!

Seriously, this type of trading could dramatically change your life the same way it transformed mine. But whereas I had to figure it out myself, you’ll be getting everything handed to you on a silver platter!

So, let me ask you ...

Are you interested in making what amounts to a bucket load of ‘easy’ cash in your spare time?

I hope so because I genuinely believe you won’t come across another opportunity like this and I know for sure there’s nothing else like it on the market!

But I guess you’re probably wondering about the cost of this powerful information.

I’ll bet you’re thinking that something that’s guaranteed to make you money so easily ... WITHOUT any major effort ... WITHOUT any major risk, is going to be sold at a premium - and you’d be right ...

... it’s certainly going to be.

But as I’ve already explained, although I know the The 30 Minute UniTrader method will enable you to help yourself to regular piles of cash, because I’m only just releasing it now, I need credible testimonials in order for me to sell it at its true worth.

Which is why for now, I’m publishing a small initial run of The 30 Minute UniTrader at a price much lower than I eventually want to sell it for.

For a limited time you can secure your chance to make a weekly 161 ... 232 ... 488 ... 707 ... 1023+, TAX FREE remember, in your spare time, for just 69.95 (+ 4.95 P&P, which will be covered by a full money back guarantee which I’ll tell you about in a moment.

But don’t forget, there will only be a limited number of sets available at the introductory price so if you want to get in on this unique opportunity now, you’ll have to act quickly.

When they’re gone, they’re gone. That’s it and no exceptions.

Yes I’ll be producing more but at a much higher price (... although even then it will be fantastic value) but once I have enough good testimonials I can market the system at the price that reflects its true value. So ...


Do you continue as you are and get more of the same, or do you take action and try something different?

Unfortunately the sad reality is that so many people have been programmed by well meaning parents, teachers and friends to believe that making ‘easy’ money’ isn’t possible ...

After all, we’ve all heard it haven’t we? “The only way to make a decent living is to work hard”.

Believe me, it’s absolute rubbish. I’ve been there don’t forget, done that and I’m living proof that it’s not the case.

Part of the answer to make money without working hard is to do it cleverly but THE REAL KEY to making a massive improvement to your lifestyle is to take action.

The 30 Minute UniTrader is staggeringly simple, the ultimate ‘lazy way’ to change your circumstances without giving up what you’re doing now.

Taking action has never been easier and you have so much to gain. I strongly advise you to give it a try right now before it’s too late. I promise you, you’ll be glad you did.

There’s NO RISK here you have absolutely nothing to lose.

Remember I said I’d guarantee you’ll make money as well?

That’s because I’m backing up my claims with a NO QUIBBLE, NO QUESTIONS ASKED, FULL 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE ...



At the very least you will make back the cost of the system within two weeks, but if I’m wrong (... I won’t be!), you’re welcome to send the DVDs back to me and I’ll refund you in full.

Just try it out, amaze yourself at the simplicity of the formula and follow the step-by-step, ‘do this, do that’ instructions and
you can’t lose guaranteed!

In fact why not try it out for A FULL 30 DAYS and if for any reason at all in that time, you can’t or don’t see the fantastic wealth building potential, you can still send the programme back for a full no questions asked refund.

I can’t be fairer than that!

The answer to pulling in hundreds of pounds of regular ‘easy’ extra cash, in your spare time is right here in your hands right now ... order your copy today and in two weeks you’ll have made all your money back and be well on your way to being thousands of pounds richer!

Do it now and I’ll rush you the unique two DVD set and within 48 hours, you can start the exciting process of pocketing regular sums of ‘easy’ tax free profits on the day you receive it!

You won’t regret it if you do, but you almost certainly WILL regret it if you don’t!

One final thought ...

I know what it’s like trusting your hard earned cash to something like this when you don’t know me personally but if you think about it, I’m taking all the risk!!!

I’m so confident that this is different from anything you will have seen or heard of before and I KNOW it will make a huge difference to your life and that of those around you if you just follow the simple instructions.

But even if you decide this isn’t for you for any reason at all within thirty days and you get your money back, then you will STILL have the The 30 Minute UniTrader method to use for yourself at any time in the future ...

In other words, you can STILL be pulling in hundreds of pounds of tax free profit every week and ...


Now I don’t want your money if you think this isn’t for you and I would WANT you to ask for your money back if you felt for any reason that I haven’t delivered on my promises ...

But I’m relying heavily on trust that once you see the outstanding value of what I’ll be showing you and you start seeing the money building in your bank account, then you’ll know that I’m absolutely genuine and 100% sincere and you’ll want to send me your testimonial.

Of course I can’t force you to but I’m hoping that in return for helping you to make hundreds of pounds in extra income every week, you’ll be so delighted and you’ll be only too happy to help me make a little extra cash as well ... win:win remember?!!

I’m sure you’ll agree that’s fair.

So ...

Remember, the demand for this is going to be HUGE.

If you want to secure your 30 Minute UniTrader system at the pre-release price then you will have to act quickly, preferably TODAY, otherwise you may be disappointed.

Okay, I think that just about covers everything.

Which leaves me just to thank you for taking the time to read my letter. I sincerely hope you can see that this isn’t just hype ...

This really is an incredibly exciting opportunity to get hold of a system that genuinely can make a huge difference to you financially ...

It has done for me, and I sincerely hope you give it the chance to do it for you too.

Best wishes


P.S. Believe me anyone can do this. Helping yourself to a regular 161 ... 232 ... 488 ... 707 ... 1023+ within weeks has never been easier or more fun to achieve due to the simplicity of this programme. But failure to act can only end in disaster. As we all know, if you keep on doing more of the same in the future as you did in the past, you’ll remain where you are now.

P.P.S. And remember, you can realistically expect to recoup the cost of the system within two weeks and then be well on your way to hundreds of EXTRA pounds a week TAX FREE.

P.P.P.S. You can’t lose by just giving this a try. The 30 Minute UniTrader is fully covered by my 30 day ‘no quibble’ 100% money back guarantee for total peace of mind.

P.P.P.P.S. This is not about getting rich, this is about grabbing surefire chunks of guaranteed cash WITHOUT taking any major financial risk. There’s NO filler, NO fluff, just the real essentials to make sure you can start profiting within 30 minutes!!

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